5 simple steps to create a winning social media strategy.

A winning social media strategy isn’t as easy as just posting something cool and hoping for the best. It’s important to consider a few things before embarking on the journey of social media success.

We’ve broken it down into a few easy to follow steps to consider while you work through the process of constructing a killer strategy.

Determine your goals and objectives

Do you know what do you want to achieve on your social media platforms? It’s important to know where you want to be in the future so you can set specific goals, measurable KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) and more importantly, see ROI (return on investment). Set some long and short terms goals and then break them down into some actionable steps.

Know your audience

Your target audience will look and interact a certain way depending on your business. While this may not be super obvious at the beginning, establishing an audience persona is extremely valuable when it comes to growing your brand. Consider such elements as; buying behaviour, social media engagement, offline and online activity, and competitors your target audience may already have an interest in (this is all super important information for when you decide to start running paid ads on social).

Choose your platforms

While there’s definitely a lot of value to be had from being active across multiple social media platforms, when first starting out you may find that it’s more efficient to zone in on a few platforms that you know will help work towards achieving your goals in the short term. Focus on those, creating quality content specifically for your audience on those platforms.

Create a content plan and calendar

It’s important to mix up your content types at the start to see what your audience engages with. That could be copy based content, such as blogs, or more importantly on social media platforms, video content. Work out what days are optimal posting times for your brand and create a calendar that helps you organise and schedule what you are posting and when, in advance.

We recently stuck together a blog post that goes over a few of the most popular social media management tools if you are interested in scheduling your content and seeing in detail what impact it’s had. You can visit our blog post here.

Engage, analyse, optimise

Once you are active on social it’s important to keep engaging with your audience. Learn what content they are interested in, and constantly adapt and optimise your strategy to lean on what you’ve learned. It’s vital to keep and eye on what’s not working as this could lead to wasted time, and more importantly, money that could be better spent elsewhere. Social media is a game that relies on you adapting to the constantly evolving landscape.

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