app downloads.

Shaka Social worked with Blade Wallet to carefully craft an impactful, cross-platform social strategy.

The result was 150,000 new Blade Wallet app downloads in three months.

The Client

Blade Wallet is a Web3 startup operating on the Hedera network. With over 150,000 active users, they offer a safe, secure and seamless way to store and purchase HBAR. 

The Challenge

Web3 is a crowded and competitive space. Our task was to position Blade Wallet as the market leader while promoting accessibility, demystifying crypto and encouraging mass adoption during a major market downturn. 

The Solution

The strategy we designed and implemented focused on building a community through high-value, educational and entertaining organic content. 

From well-timed memes to in-depth educational videos, our approach was to appeal authentically to both newcomers and seasoned crypto enthusiasts. 

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