Shaka Social launched the Skyscanner global TikTok account.

50,000 new followers and over 4.5 million people reached on TikTok from across the globe.

The Client

Skyscanner is a global leader in travel. They help over 100 million travellers find flights, accommodation and car hire every month.

The Challenge

Skyscanner wanted to launch their brand into a new chapter on social. Increasing awareness, establishing a consistent presence and building the foundations of an engaged community through entertaining, TikTok-first content was the priority. 

The Solution

We created a launch strategy aligned to their existing brand values, business objectives and tone of voice while simultaneously adapting processes and creating content to feel native and organic to TikTok. 

Our creator identification and briefing process allowed us to collaborate with a diverse selection of travel creators from around the world, leveraging their content for the feed. 

We also implemented a cost-effective paid social strategy across three key markets. Utilising the highest performing organic content within multiple campaigns, we were able to authentically increase engagement and audience growth at scale.

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