95k new followers on TikTok for Skyscanner

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The Client ✈️

Skyscanner is driven by their mission to bring the world to you seamlessly.  With a strong focus on improving the travel experience for everyone, their commitment lies in making the entire planning and booking process effortlessly easy, simple, and enjoyable from start to finish. While that message resonated with their existing core audience, the company wanted help connecting to a new demographic on TikTok.

Here’s how we brought Skyscanner’s philosophy to life and delivered it directly to people across the world on TikTok.

Our Role 🔎

  • Paid Media Strategy
  • Paid Social Advertising
  • TikTok Strategy & Management
  • Creator Management

The Challenge 💪

Skyscanner not only wanted to reach a new audience on TikTok, they also wanted to work towards a larger goal – to change the relationship people have with Travel. While most other travel businesses focus only on picturesque destinations, Skyscanner wanted to take a different approach, making conscious travel accessible to everyone in an informative, inclusive and educational way. Going against the grain might sound counter-intuitive, but it’s a powerful example of the progressive thinking that modern day explorers love.

So, could we bring this message to more potential customers … and the world at large?

The Results 📈


  • 95k followers in six months


  • Over-delivered on TikTok’s own forecasting by 560% (reach) and 32% (followers)


  • 82% reduction in CPM


  • Launched ‘Ultimate Travel Hacker’ campaign in Australia


  • 9,153,950 total reached accounts


The Solution ✏️

Leveraging a dynamic mix of trending content, internally crafted material by Shaka Social, and content curated from creators and influencers, we devised and executed a distinctive TikTok strategy that surpassed projected results by an impressive 50%, with TikTok themselves hailing it as: 

the most cost-effective follower campaign we’ve ever witnessed.

We simultaneously developed, diversified and expanded the Skyscanner global influencer programme, going above and beyond in delivering a surplus of content within the confines of the predetermined budget.

"Shaka helped us launch something excellent in the form of TikTok and the Ultimate Travel Hacker Australia campaign which has set us up for success going forward."
Jen Rankine
Global Social Media & Content Creators // Skyscanner

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